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AliExpress is an Internet platform located in China and owned by Alibaba.

It has become well known in the world for both sellers and buyers alike for its cheap and customer- friendly prices and quality. AliExpress is the most visited online commerce website in Russia and the 10th most popular website in Brazil.

This article will give you a description of the steps necessary to register and start selling online on AliExpress.

· If you want to sell on AliExpress, first register an Alipay business account. You will have to upload the certificates verifying that you have a legally established enterprise in China. AliExpress does not allow selling goods and services from private accounts without a registered business enterprise.

· If you are an agent of a particular brand and want to open an official brand shop, you should have the official qualification and documentation provided by the brand.

· Your account will be charged the annual technical service fee according to its business category. However, if your business runs well and reaches the required standards, you will have an opportunity to apply for a yearly refund bonus from AliExpress.

Step 1 - Account Creation

Register your identity, account details and information at account registration website.

Step 2 - Category Registration

Allocate your products to the right category and subcategory, then you will see the list of the products. After downloading the product list fill in and submit the type of product that you are going to sell and then choose the type of the shop that is relevant to your business. The next step requires you to apply for your company’s trademark qualification. After a while the platform will verify and approve the submitted trademark.

Step 3 - Annual fee payment and confirmation.

After the trademark approval, you will have to choose the convenient method of payment to pay the website technical fee according to your type of product. This fee is an annual charge that all sellers pay for the technical maintenance of the platform.

Step 4 - Shop Management / Official Brand Name.

You will have to name your shop and after you will be given a second level website name to have a direct access to your online shop. You can apply for an official brand page to create a brief story about your brand.

Step 5 – Shop decoration and the publication of products, goods and services.

After the successful completion of the previous steps, the final thing to do is to work on the design of your shop and upload the images of your products with relevant descriptions. After the publication, you will receive a confirmation of the shop’s official opening.

Good luck and successful sales!