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No matter whether you are hiring employees as a business owner or applying for a work visa yourself, you might want to save the updated list of documents needed to successfully obtain the work visa in China.

You will need:

1. Work experience letter from previous companies, with stamps and signatures. The letter must be translated in Chinese. The work experience letter should include some standard points like name, position etc. Contact us to know more.

2. Profile page of a passport + current visa page + a stamp of exit & entry date scan in color.

3. Diploma authenticated and translated in Chinese.

4. ID profile pics, good quality 2*2-inches white background ID profile picture.

5. No criminal record issued by your country’s police dept. It should be authenticated and translated in Chinese. Note: the non-criminal record is valid only for 6 months from the issue date.

6. The result of physical checkup (only valid for 6 months from the issue date)

7. Add a Delegate and Applicant (yourself) information –fill in a name, number and email.

8. Personal Summary.

9. Labor Contract Including certain keywords. Contact us for the keywords list.

10. Registration Form of Temporary Residence.